Carpet Cleaning in London

Carpets and other textile floor coverings accumulate dirt, dust, stains and grimy odor gradually. 

Do you wonder about how to clean your carpet stains and give them a fresh look? The London Cleaners provide expert carpet cleaning services and transform your shabby and tainted carpets into brand-new ones as if purchased now from the shop. 

You will experience a new ambiance with those renewed carpets at your home. Vacuum cleaning alone does not clean and sanitize them but our advanced methods of carpet cleaning sanitize them and make your home hygienic. 

The methods that our professional carpet cleaners use are highly safe, eco-friendly and does not damage the carpets. Our highly effective carpet cleaning team primarily examines your carpets and other floor coverings after you book and arrive on the scheduled day with the cutting edge equipment.

We describe our latest techniques below: 

  • Hot water extraction carpet cleaning is more innovative than the regular steam cleaning and helps to wash grimy carpets, rugs, and mats more effectively. 
  • The team first pretreats any visual stains after inspecting the type of carpet. Unique machinery then injects hot water directly between the fibres and dislodges acquired dirt and unwanted particles. Simultaneously, the conjoined machine removes the moisture and the dislodged filth to deliver restored carpets that air-dry within hours. This method rejuvenates fibres, removes dirt from the doormats, large rugs and removes household spills, pet stains to render germ-free, dust mites free and odorless textile floor covering.
  • The dry cleaning (low moisture) or dry chemical methods involve sprinkling a powdered detergent over the floor covering and rubbing with powerful rotating brushes. The team performs the dry cleaning after pre-treating the visible stains. We vacuum the carpet to remove the powder that collects the filth. This method suits the fine and delicate materials that are shrinkage-prone and water-sensitive – sisal, jute, cotton, silk, swivel, seagrass, velvet, oriental rugs, kilims, and Persian carpets. 


The committed team had undergone extensive training; are insured and use quality products to give you guaranteed carpet cleaning. 

The London Cleaners provide additional services like stain protectors, bug repellant and air movers to facilitate the cleaning process. 

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